Crust Files Premium Memberships Give Away For OKC Users

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3 min readMay 19, 2022

What is Crust Files?

Crust Files is the world’s first Web 3.0 personal file storage application, launched by Crust Network. The Crust Files application enables safe storage of your personal files on IPFS, secured by the Crust Network public blockchain.

Crust Files enables decentralized and secure upload of files, and easy sharing to friends, family and even Metaverse applications, such as publicly hosting your NFT metadata. With a free account, users can enjoy a file size limit of 40MB and unlimited storage space.

With Crust Files Premium you get access to end-to-end encryption for all your uploads, file size limit is raised to 1gb per file and you get unlimited storage space. All that is required is to deposit 2CRU (with the referral code “okc”), Crust Networks native token, which can be withdrawn after 180 days.

How to use Crust Files with OKX wallet MetaX?

  1. Enter URL: , currently supports by web pages.

Find your OKX Wallet MetaX and login directly.

2. After successful login you will be shown this page. Then start your first Web3 storage trying for free. Since you’re the trial user now, there are some limitations.

How to get the Premium User membership?

  1. Please download a Crust wallet and create an account then login by Crust wallet.

2. Set a nickname*

*This step is very important. We will give away premium memberships directly by nickname.

3. If you can’t wait to experience it, don’t worry, enter the referral code OKC here then deposit 2CRU to get the premium membership.

4. Next up, you may also explore the benefits of becoming a Premium user, and you can also join the share-and-earn section, getting rewards by sharing Crust Files with your friends! There are three rewards programs — invitation bonuses, lucky newbie, and the grand draw. Each section has detailed instructions on how to enter in order to win CRU rewards!

5. A new feature has also been launched recently.

It can support users to sell their own files. For more details, please refer to:



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